Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyers

Defending the Criminally Accused in the East Valley

Swift legal action is imperative if you are facing a criminal charge. 如果你被逮捕了, you want a heavy-hitter in your corner to protect you from serious penalties that include jail time, 罚款, and a permanent criminal record.

不要单打独斗——爱德华兹 & Petersen | PLC has the legal insight to lead you through the entire criminal defense process. 我们的诚实, skilled criminal defense attorneys in Mesa are always available to take your call and offer the counsel you need during such a difficult time.

呼叫 (480) 418-5656 或填写我们的 网上联络表格 to request a free consultation.


Attorneys 约书亚·爱德华兹 and 布莱恩·彼得森 fight hard to give their clients a voice. So many times – especially in criminal cases – those charged feel lost in the system and without a voice. We strive to help clients through the difficult process, making sure their voices and their stories are heard.

We routinely handle cases involving:

  • 家庭暴力根据亚利桑那州的法律, domestic violence can be charged when the victim and defendant are married, 以前结过婚的, or live together in the same household, 有共同的孩子吗, victim or defendant is pregnant by the other, or the victim is related to the defendant or his/her spouse by blood.
  • 行为不检: A police officer has the right to charge someone with disorderly conduct when the individual is disturbing the peace, 在公共场合醉酒, 或闲逛. We represent individuals facing all types of disorderly conduct charges.
  • 刑事损害: The charges will vary depending on the value of the property damaged. With charges this serious, now is not the time to take your chances with a public defender. Instead, seek the legal representation you deserve at 爱德华兹 & Petersen | PLC.
  • 刑事超速: In Arizona, a criminal ticket is a serious issue for you and your future. If you are found guilty of the charge, you will permanently have a criminal record. Avoid this harsh penalty with the help of 爱德华兹 & Petersen | PLC.
  • 攻击: Arizona law de罚款 assault as intentionally causing physical injury to another person, placing another person in reasonable apprehension of impending injury, or knowingly touching another person with the intent to cause bodily injury or to provoke the person.

Are you facing criminal charges in the East Valley? 叫爱德华 & Petersen | PLC at (480) 418-5656 今天.



    Brian was amazing throughout the entire legal process! I had several lawyers working on my case, but Brian was the only one ...

    "Very pleased and would recommend based upon my experience."

    I came in for a consultation to file paperwork on my own and they went over the paperwork page by page with me and answered ...


    This organization was very professional and helpful during a trying time. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great ...

    "He is worth more than 5 stars."

    Brian was there every step of the way! I never went through court before so I didn't know what I was in for but Brian and his ...

    "If I can give any advice, trust this legal team with everything."

    Best decision I ever made for myself and my child. The legal system can be extremely intimidating, especially when you are ...

    "Josh gave the absolute best advice throughout."

    I cannot thank Josh and Sabrina enough. I was completely lost and unsure of everything when my situation began. 他们平静下来 ...

    爱德华兹的每个人 & 彼得森真的在乎."

    我去年雇了乔希. Everything seemed extremely bleak but Josh and Sabrina turned that around. 他们非常 ...

    "Brian is a living saint and very professional."

    布莱恩是个很好的人.他有倾听的耳朵.The happiness of his client is his first priority not Money .布莱恩总是 ...


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